Shell Gadus®

The Shell Gadus® range of greases is designed to help make it easy for equipment operators to select the grease that will best deliver value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and high system efficiency.

Shell Gadus® is a comprehensive family of greases designed to
meet your needs. The Shell Gadus range includes multipurpose
greases that can help to simplify your product inventory, as well
as specialty greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic
products designed for the most severe extreme-temperature and
long-life applications, and a range of open-gear lubricants.
Whether you need greases for steel production, mining,
construction, power generation, general or automotive
manufacturing, other applications or your vehicles, Shell
has a grease designed to meet your challenges.
The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver optimum
value through:

  • enhanced wear protection
  • long grease life
  • system efficiency


Equipment wear can reduce system efficiency and service life. Protecting components from wear is fundamental for helping prolong equipment life and helping prevent production losses through breakdowns.

The Shell Gadus range of greases offers protection across a wide range of applications. The range includes extremetemperature “T” polyurea synthetic greases, which can help to protect bearings under extreme temperatures, heavy loads and contaminated conditions.


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last and the less lubrication maintenance your equipment needs. Shell Gadus® greases are designed to help your equipment continue to operate without interruption. The comprehensive product range enables you to select a grease with a life that meets your operational needs.

Shell Gadus® extra-long-life synthetic technologies may help double grease life for some applications. There are other cost-effective, reliable, multipurpose Shell Gadus® greases for standard oil life applications.


To help your equipment perform to its design standards, you need a grease that stays in place and provides effective protection and lubrication where you need it.

Shell Gadus® greases can help to maintain or even improve the efficiency of your systems. From greases that offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialist low-noise, high-temperature and heavy-load greases, there is a Shell Gadus product that can help to optimize your system’s efficiency and costs of operation.


The Shell Gadus range