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    Major Brands News Blog — lubricants

    What value does a Shell “Prestige” distributor bring to you as a customer?

    What value does a Shell “Prestige” distributor bring to you as a customer?

    Customers of Shell Lubricants Prestige distributors have access to the world-class products developed and engineered by the No.1 lubricants supplier in the world. Shell Lubricants deliver reliable performance and are trusted by prestigious OEMs such as Volvo-Mack, Komatsu, and Mercedes- Benz. Shell has been the No. 1 Global Lubricants supplier for the last 14 years, a position it has sustained through strong commercial relationships, cutting-edge products, leading technology, a robust supply chain, and an integrated distributor network.

    As a  Prestige Distributor, Major Brands  has  access to Shell proprietary training programs, including Shell InstantExpert, a program designed to help ensure that our team provides the right lubricant recommendations to our customers. Shell Lubricants Prestige Distributors can also provide access to Shell LubeCoach Academy for our B2B customers. Shell LubeCoach Academy provides information on Maintenance Strategies, Lubrication Theory/Fundamentals and Lubricant Selection, and customers who have completed the course are well positioned to make lubricant decisions that improve their Total Cost of Operation.

    Finally, Shell Lubricants Prestige distributors are carefully selected and must follow strict Quality Assurance guidelines to help ensure that the product delivered to customers meets the same specifications as the product that came off the line at our blending plant. These guidelines are enforced via rigorous announced and unannounced audits.

    Major Brands is proud to offer you Shell’s branded lubricants, we hope to earn and sustain your business for years to come.